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We made the Paper! (And TV…)
Below are some of the stories about our movement in the Media.
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12/14/2017 Editorial: Disc golf course didn’t fly on Garret Mountain

12/12/2017 Rifle Camp Park disc course is ‘a dead issue,’ Passaic County says

12/8/2017 Clear cutting in Rifle Camp Park
A video from

11/3/2017 Passaic County Freeholders Meeting Video for October 10, 2017
Discussion of moving the proposed disc golf course from Rifle Camp Park begins at the 29:15 mark

11/2/2017 Passaic County Republicans pin hopes on turnout in freeholder race
Opposition to the Rifle Camp Park Disc Golf Course has become a campaign issue…

10/12/2017 Passaic County To Look at Placing Disc Golf Course In Wayne Instead of Rifle Camp Park Amid Protests

10/11/2017 Passaic County backs away from disc golf course at Rifle Camp Park

9/25/2017 Local Group to Present Passaic County Freeholders with New Location for Proposed Disc Golf Course

9/25/2017 Local Environmental Groups Protest Proposed County Disc Golf Course

9/22/2017 Nature Lovers Want Disc Golf Course Moved To Wayne

9/21/2017 Save Rifle Camp Park Coalition Reveals Better Location for Disc Golf Course

9/21/2017 Disc golf opponents want course moved to Wayne.

9/1/2017 Letter asking the Passaic County Freeholders to reconsider their plan to install a Disc Golf Course in Rifle Camp Park:

8/30/2017 Letter sent by Jeff Tittel, director of New Jersey Sierra Club

7/19/2017 Opponents of disc golf course pressure Passaic freeholders

6/27/2017 FIOS1 News – Video, Opposition to Rifle Camp Park Disc Golf Course

6/24/2017 – Video, Protest at Democratic Headquarters to Save Rifle Camp Park from a Disc Golf Course

6/24/2017 Opposition to Rifle Camp Park development targets Passaic County Democrats

6/19/2017 Letter from Freeholder Pat Lepore: Disc golf at Rifle Camp Park is eco-friendly.
Repeats misinformation: Disc golf is not played with soft Frisbee’s; Rifle Camp was second most used Passaic County park in last survey; Freeholders decision to close the nature center and naturalist would lower attendance; Master Plan calls for passive (not active) recreation at RCP; wildlife and passive use will be disrupted, according to experts.

6/13/2017 Passaic County proposes dog park for Rifle Camp

5/26/2017 Editorial: Leave Rifle Camp Park as is

5/21/2017 Opposition to Disc Golf Course continues.

5/11/2017 YouTube – Nature Lovers Flip over Disc Golf Plan
Satirical video from local TV show. Repeats misinformation: Disc golf is not played with soft Frisbee’s; course is 18 holes, not 9; wildlife will be disrupted.

5/10/2017 Hikers, bird watchers want Passaic County to toss disc golf course plan

5/9/2017 – Video, Initial protest at Rifle Camp Park in opposition to the plan by the Freeholders of Passaic County to install a Disc Golf course in the park

5/9/2017 Residents Divided over Disc Golf Course

4/17/2017 Frisbee golf course plan at county park doesn’t fly with group

4/15/2017 – Video, Woodland Park considering adding a Disc Golf Course.

7/21/1974 Nature Lab on a Passaic Peak
Old article from when the Rifle Camp Park Nature Center and Observatory was new and exciting.