Environmental Consequences of Disc Golf at Rifle Camp Park

Disc Golf at Campgaw
The forest floor is muddy and lifeless, trees damaged and weakened.

Cuts in tree bark allow harmful insects and diseases to enter.
In time the tree will die.

Nothing will ever grow on the fairways.
Precious soil compacted and eroded away.
With roots exposed, trees will weaken and fall.

Environmental Consequences at Rifle Camp Park

Disc Golf Course would pass through young forest.
Important bird habitat will be destroyed.

Thin soil on sensitive slopes will be eroded away…
Roots will be damaged. Native moss and plants eliminated.

Spring Wildflowers would be wiped out by foot traffic.

The Course passes near vernal pools and potential vernal pool habitat.

The Course passes along ridge tops and fragile mossy glades.

The Course follows directly along this seasonal stream.

This Fairway is in close proximity to nature trails.

Disc Golf fairway adjacent to existing nature trail.

Young healthy trees will be removed to make way for the course…
Trees that remain will suffer injury from discs and succumb to insects and disease.


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